Selecting the rails in Malaysia

Train are always very inviting and people, especially the enthusiasts, have fun in them. And, unsurprisingly when we reached Malaysia, we opted for the trains.

But, that was not the main reason why we selected the railway network of Malaysia. Of course we knew all about the reach and we also knew that we’d love travelling on rails. However, we selected the trains for much more practical reasons and tangible aspects.

So, let us take a look at the reasons why we wanted to opt for the rails when we were in Malaysia.

It was right on the money

66565We knew that Malaysian railway networks, especially the one run under the watch of KTM, were widely spread across the nation. From eastern line to the western line; all the major cities of the country are actually well connected. Hence our decision also rested directly on that.

Apart from the line spread, the networks also connect the other nations too. The lines were well connected to places like Singapore and Thailand (or at least to their borders)

This made the whole requirement of train journey quite fathomable and appealing to us.

Cheap tickets and great quality

Whenever you are travelling from one place to another, in a foreign land, the thing that you most think or fear most about is getting ripped. It has happened to me before and I have felt powerless to do something about it.
But, thankfully, when I first took out the online malaysia train from singapore to kl, KL Sentral railway station to the Johor Bahru Sentral and subsequently to the Woodlands check point station at the Singapore-Malaysia border— I was presently surprised with the price.

The ticket was very economical and it was quite cheap compared to other modes of transport. And, the service that I got against it was mind blowing and totally worth more than the price I paid.

Fast and very efficient

My train ride from KL to the JB Sentral station was quite enjoying and fun filled to say the least. Since I had seen the glitz and the glamour of the one of the greatest cities on earth (KL), I knew the train journey would have to be something spectacular to the reach that level. And, my word it was!

The train that I selected from KL to JB was an express and an overnight train. The train had a Day Night deluxe A/C berth for me and it was very comfortable to travel in it. It had various gadgets, conveniences and a monitor too.
The train very efficiently left on time and I also reached my own destination right on time. The journey itself was also quite compelling as I did not waste a single time bickering about the train ride! This I generally do when I do not have fun.

Overall, the experience was quite good, and I safely reached Singapore without any hassle or problem. In fact, I would recommend every single person to opt for this train service if they ever want to travel inter-city or even inter-country from Malaysia.