Best bird watching destinations in Malaysia

Given the fact that the Malaysian nation is a rich amalgamation of the natural expanse along with its other side, the aspect of modernity and the skyscrapers at close vicinities, it becomes truly a destination where every kind of traveler would find their kind of adventure or peace, whichever they vouch for!

birdWhile with such an extensive network of natural treasures that lies buried within the Malaysian varied ecosystem zones, birds are an integral part of the region where thousands of species of birds, migratory or otherwise can be viewed from this amazing country.

Thus, some of the sanctuaries and reserves from where bird watching is heavenly are given below.

  1. Kuala Gula Bird Sanctuary: This sanctuary is a part of the largest island of mangrove ecosystems in the entire Peninsular Malaysian region and it is during the migration season which lies about in the months of April and August each year that more than 200, 000 migratory birds are estimated to stop over in the region which varies across over 50 different species!
  2. Fraser’s Hill: This is a Highland resort amidst the Pahang rainforest which is home to innumerous bird, animal and plant species. One of the premier bird watching destinations of Malaysia, the annual Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race is one of its kind in the world.
  3. Others: The other wildlife destinations that one can head to in terms of watching birds include the likes of lake Gardens where you get the specialized Bird Park, or maybe explore the richness of nature at the Matang wildlife Center, the scenic Langkawi and even the amazing region of Kedah where one can find the aviaries which is home to Hornbills, Sea Eagles and others in the Sarawak locales.
  4. Langkawi Island: One of the best duty free Island in Malaysia where you can enjoy cheap alcohol, seafood and good attractions. Lots of Penangite travel to Langkawi by taking easybook ferry to Langkawi online.

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